Silt Fence

Silt fence products are used for temporary sediment control on construction project sites to protect the safety and quality of water in local streams, rivers, lakes, bays, aquifers and water tables from sediment in stormwater runoff. Heavy duty silt fence products are necessary to resist the increased weight of water and soil in heavy runoff areas.

Silt Fence Products

Contractor Grade Silt Fence | Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Silt Fence. | Wire-Backed Silt Fence

Silt Fence Golf Course

Use Silt Fence for perimeter control. Placed below areas where sheet flows discharge from the site. Silt fence should also be used as interior controls below disturbed areas where runoff may occur.

Silt Fence fabric can be contractor grade light duty or heavy duty MTO quality of fabric. The fabric is attached to 2" X 2" premium grade stakes with 1" wide 1" long staples. Rolls can be either 11 or 14 - 4' stakes per roll. Heavy duty MTO silt fence has fabric with plastic mesh attached to 16 - 5' stakes per roll.

Welded wire silt fence is used where a strong product is required. Wire is 14 gage, 36" high with a 2" X 4" opening. Fibre is "C" ringed to top and ends of 100' rolls. Fabric can be either 36" or 45" wide.

Page Wire — used for perimeter site location. Our non-woven geotextile can be field attached for erosion to debris control.

Contractor Grade Silt Fence

  • SF11 Light Duty Silt Fence — 3' x 100' [11 – 4' stakes]
  • SF14 Standard Duty Silt Fence — 3' x 100' [14 – 4' stakes]
  • Standard black fabric.
  • Custom silt fence stencilling of corporate identity logo, business name, phone number available

MTO (Ontario Ministry of Transportation) Silt Fence

Wire-Backed Silt Fence

  • 14 gauge wire 36" high with 48" silt fence fabric
  • Standard black fabric.
Contractor Grade Customiztion
Magnified view of silt fence

Contractor grade silt fences can be made with your choice of three (3) different fabrics. You can customize the number of stakes/roll of silt fence.

Silt Fence Fabric Weights

The three most used silt fence fabric weights are:
55 grams/m sq. This is an excellent option for budget-conscious projects.
77 grams/m sq. Offers the best value. It lasts longer and stencilling is bolder and wears longer.
100 grams/m sq. Approved by MTO. This product is master standing offer list at The Road Authority.