Call us first! We've been proudly serving Kitchener-Waterloo and the surrounding area the best ageotextile and erosion control for the past 22 years. Regardless of the complexity of your project, we offer a full range of geotextile solutions, including the "little things" so that you can finish on time and on budget. We couldn't list everything on our site. Call us. We are here to help.

More Geotextile & Erosion Control Products

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards. That means delivering outstanding quality at a fair price. It also means helping you save time by stocking the geotextile products you need to complete projects successfully. Most importantly, making the best quality products affordable helps you build projects that you'll be proud of for years!

Straw Blanket Thumb

Straw Blankets & Staples

Straw Blankets are fully photodegradable and biodegradable blankets. Wood stakes and metal staples are sold separately.

Steel T Posts

Steel "T" Posts

Steel "T" Posts are excellent line posts because they ground uninsulated wires and without causing rust.

Catch Basin Sediment Trap

Catch Basin Sediment Traps

Prevent pollution with Catch Basin Sediment Traps that remove silt and sand from runoff water protecting waterways.

Safety Fence

Safety Fence

Use to provide a barrier around dangerous or restricted areas. The "international" orange is highly visible. 4' x 100'

Dewatering Bags

Dewatering Bags | Sediment Control

Dewatering bags are used for sediment control.They are also known as "dirt bags" or "silt bags."

Wood snow fence.png

Wooden Snow Fences

Wooden snow fences force snow to accumulate in desired areas. Applications: Residential, highway, commercial. 4’ x 50’.

ground cover fabric gridlined greenhouse

Greenhouse Ground Cover

Ground covers are designed to reduce weeds and erosion while allowing water to drain away.

Page Wire Fencing

Page Wire Fencing

Popular fencing on Canadian farms. Available in a variety of fence heights, wire sizes and wire spacings to suit your needs.

Utility Service Marker Post

Utility & Hydro Service Marker Posts

Prevent service outages and injuries by marking utility lines with 3" x 3" utility marker posts. Painted ends available.

Straw Blanket Staples

Sod Staples

We offer a wide variety of wood stakes and metal staples to anchor securely your geotextile and erosion control products.