• Ground Level View of Geogrid Erosion Control on top of subgrade soil Geotextile & Erosion Control Silt Fence | Geotextile Fabric | Geogrids BW Geotextiles makes superior silt fence, geotextile fabric and geogrid products from the best geosynthetic fabrics available. Our erosion control materials include, contractor grade silt fence, heavy duty Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) approved silt fence and wire backed silt fence. We offer a complete line of non-woven geotextile fabric, woven geotextile fabric, and landscape fabric. We stock several brands of geogrids. Read more
  • Construction site viewed through a silt fence. In Harmony With Nature The right product for the right job. BW Geotextile's geotextile and erosion control products help you create harmony with nature. Our products help you ensure that your projects' environmental footprint is minimized, while giving you maximum performance. Our erosion control materials include silt fence, geotextile fabrics and geogrids to help you manage soil erosion. Reinforce and stabilize steep slopes and embankments while increasing the load distribution of weak sub grades. Read more
  • BW Geotextiles logo for geosythetic fabrics. Professional Service Professional advice. Personalized products. Our team will work with you to get the right product for your job. We offer customization including the ability to personalize some orders with your company's logo and contact information. Increase the visibility of your company and project by having your company name stencilled on your silt fence. We offer wood stakes with painted ends. Call or email us at (519) 778-1953 or toll-free (844) 778-1953 to learn more.
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We are Geotextile and Erosion Control Fabric professionals!

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Location & Delivery

Located minutes from Kitchener-Waterloo in Petersburg, Ontario, BW Geotextiles has been manufacturing and distributing geotextile & erosion control products since 1989. We ship ANYWHERE! Contact Us.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

BW Geotextiles has manufacturing and distribution facilities on the edge of Kitchener-Waterloo. This allows us to fulfill your geotextile and erosion control fabric orders quickly

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More Geosynthetic Products

In addition to our geotextile and erosion control products, we offer straw blankets and staples, dewatering bags, catch basin sediment traps, greenhouse ground cover, page wire fencing, and hydro service marker posts. Contact Us.

BW Geotextiles

We deliver outstanding value. Guaranteed! After 22 years of offering premium geotextile and erosion control products and services in the region, we can get the right product for every job. On time and on budget. Your customers will be pleased with the results. Call us at (519) 778-1953 or toll-free (844) 778-1953 to see how we can help.


Message from our president

We manufacture and distribute the best products for your projects requiring erosion control and geotextile fabrics. We stand behind our products and we don't stop until you're happy.

— Warren Bechthold, President